School Safety Skills            8-hours online                      $149.00

Has your son or daughter spent their summer on their tablet or phone?  Are you concerned about their emotional and mental wellbeing in the upcoming grade?  Your Safety Council has developed an 8-hour curriculum to help them better cope in today’s school environment.  This curriculum can be competed online at their pace.  Invest in a piece of mind and your child’s safety today!

Curriculum includes:

Module 1: Bullying, You Don’t Have to Take it Anymore

Module 2: Conflicts, Communication and Relationships

Module 3: Emotional Self-Control: Do You Have It?

Module 4: Expressing Anger: Healthy vs. Unhealthy

Module 5: Hurting with Words

Module 6: No Excuses: Sexual Harassment

Module 7: Stressed Out: Stress Management 101

Module 8: Violence in Our Schools: Over the Edge