Principles of Safety Management© Online Course Series

The Principles of Safety Management© Series (PSM) is a continuing education tool and training program for safety professionals offered exclusively through the Florida Association of Safety Councils and the Northeast Florida Safety Council.

Why enroll in PSM?

Economic factors increase the importance of effective safety management. With many companies downsizing, employees are expected to wear many hats, including that of safety coordinator. A successful coordinator must be able to recognize the broad range of factors impacting a company’s exposure to loss and injury. Determining what is critical can mean the difference between profit and loss, or life and death.

Graduates of the PSM Certificate Program receive a broad spectrum of safety management and loss control training. This training covers management techniques, how to collect and analyze data to evaluate loss control programs, program implementation, and proven cost reduction methods. You will focus on practical, job related issues, which provide knowledge and skills to be applied in the workplace.

Important Information Regarding PSM Certification:

To obtain the PSM designation, you must complete:

10 Core Courses

10 Elective Courses

Courses can be purchased one course at a time or in multiples.

How much are PSM Courses and how do I enroll?

All PSM Core Courses cost $34.95 per course. Elective Courses vary in price and duration. The average cost to complete the entire PSM program is approximately $600, or take just the courses of interest to you. Call us at 904-399-3119 extension 127, with any questions.

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