We invite any members of the community to join the Northeast Florida Safety Council for our occupational safety benefits, although our targets are usually companies, organizations, associations, institutions, government subdivisions and schools. The goal of our Environmental Health & Safety Program is to educate members and the community about how to create and sustain a safe work environment for employees.

What is the payoff to you? Reduced legal liability resulting from employee accidents, decreased costs and downtime due to absent workers, less stress and worry on management about employee health, reduced insurance premiums, and increased profits just to name a few.

New Training and Assessment Center is OPEN

The  Training and Assessment Center (TAC) is now open. The
Center provides proctored training, testing, assessment and evaluations
(both computer based and hands-on) for new hires, students, and those
seeking specific certification and credentialing.

Still time to register for the upcoming
COSS Class September 23-27, 2019


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