How SCRAM Works

WhatIsScramxSCRAM bracelets are battery operated devices worn on the leg. Every half hour, they collect and analyze wearers’ sweat gland emissions for the presence of alcohol. The accumulated information is remotely transferred to a modem attached to a landline telephone; the modem and bracelet communicate whenever they are within 40 feet of each other. The modem transfers the data via a daily telephone call to the vendor’s computer.


Participating in SCRAM can be voluntary, court ordered, a condition of probation or pre-trial diversion. Individuals with certain medical conditions such as pregnancy, diabetes, or skin disorders may not be eligible.  Call us today for more information about the SCRAM® (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) program.  The experience can be life changing.


Initial installation and any refittings are ONLY done by appointment.  Please call to schedule.

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