The Northeast Florida Safety Council is a non-governmental, not-for-profit, public service organization dedicated to:

  • Promoting good health
  • Saving lives
  • Preventing accidents
  • Maintaining a safe and healthy environment through education, public awareness programs and activities

There are more than 400 company members and we are celebrating our 75th anniversary.

Each year all of the Safety Councils around the country observe April 28 as Workers Memorial Day to honor those who lost their lives in the workplace in the prior year and to also reinforce the importance of safety for those who are still working. This year we are making it a month long observance with companies around the First Coast and ending with a special ceremony open to the public at the Safety Council offices.

We have created a safety package that we are distributing to companies that provide materials for their employees to encourage a strong awareness and commitment to safety for their employees. We are asking the companies and employees to sign a pledge to commit to a safer work environment. We are asking them wear these ribbons (show ribbon) to generate awareness during the month. Then we will be inviting companies and their employees to the April 27 ceremony.