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It’s finally here, the new year and YOUR new Learning Management System. Your Council is very proud to announce the launch of the iLEVEL database and Learning Management System. Here is what you need to know:

  • The current registration system on our webpage will sunset today Wednesday January 8th, at 5:00p.
  • The new iLEVEL LMS will be live at 9:00a on January 13th.
  • If you need to schedule or cancel a registration between these dates, please contact Beverly Toney or Bruce Press (listed below).
  • Come January 13th, please ensure that you follow the links on the webpage to request account access with a username and password, as outlined in the attached instructions.

In the weeks following the launch of the registration system, we will roll out new scheduled online computer-based training in the LMS that will provide a standardized approach to training and assessments. Keep an iLevel out for those announcements!

You may contact our team for support at any time by e-mailing [email protected]


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