Reinstatement Assistance Program (RAP)


Reviewing and developing personal plans to improve driving behaviors and road maps to driving legal.

The Northeast Florida Safety Council’s Reinstatement Assistance Program (RAP) will provide each participant with important information regarding his/her specific needs for reinstatement of their driving privileges. The 8-hour program format includes at least 2 hours of personal plan development.

The program specifically targets problem drivers, showing drivers the direct connection between their attitude and their driving behaviors. Trained staff will assist each participant in analyzing his/her current driver’s license status and in developing his/her personal road map to reinstatement.


Online Registration is available for our Classroom RAP Course

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This program will help participants recognize that the consequences of losing their driving privileges is a direct result of their own choices, and will guide them towards accepting responsibility for their actions.


This program shows drivers the direct connection between their attitude and their driving behaviors. It will provide reminders to all drivers to take stock of their attitudes and actions on the road.


  • Review and discuss reasons for attending course
  • Address the difference between needs and wants and how they apply to driving
  • Review the rules of the road
  • Assess individual driving behavior
  • Discuss various driving situations
  • Review state and local traffic regulations and consequences of violations
  • Develop personal plans to improve behaviors
  • Review personal driving status
  • Develop personal plan for steps toward reinstatement


In order for our staff to better assist you in determining your current driver license status, you must provide the following information at the time of enrollment:

  • Full legal name & Date of Birth
  • Social Security or Alien Registration Number
  • State/Country in which you were born
  • Maiden name, nicknames or other names used to obtain a driver’s license
  • All states where you have been issued a driver’s license
  • Where & when was your first and last license issued
  • Current status of license (expired, cancelled, suspended or revoked)
  • Court case referral number, county, and name of sentencing judge


The registration fee for the RAP course is $72.00, payable in cash, money order, or any major credit/debit card. Standard compliance, attendance, and refund policies will apply to all participants and will be provided at the time of enrollment. Contact the NEFSC office in your area for schedule of classes. All participant information will be treated as confidential and will be used solely for the purposes of assisting the individual in determining requirements for obtaining a driver’s license. This information will not be used, sold, or otherwise distributed. NEFSC will report individual completions upon the written request of the participant.