Child Restraint Offenders Program (CROP)

This class is a 3 hour program and will receive a withheld adjudication of guilt plus avoid 3 points on your Florida driving record after completion.

In lieu of the penalty specified in F.S. 318.18 and the assessment of points, a person who violates the provisions of this law may elect, with the court's approval, to participate in a child restraint safety program approved by the Chief Judge of the Circuit in which the violation occurs, and upon completion of the course, the penalty and associated cost may be waived and the assessment of points shall be waived. The 3-hour Child Restraint Offenders Program (CROP) course is approved by the Department of Highway Safety as required by Florida law.

The purpose and intent of the Child Restraint Offenders Program (CROP) is the following:

  • To teach the proper usage of child restraint devices
  • Decrease the number of children injured and killed due to non-use of child restraint devices
  • Educate adults in the risks to children due to non-use or improper use of child restraint devices
  • Educate the public in the proper use of safety belts

Each student will benefit from individual "hands-on" instructions, in addition to group instruction

This course will offer education on the following:

  • Florida's child restraint laws
  • Dynamics of a crash
  • Human collision
  • How to recognize
  • Selection of an approved child restraint device
  • Proper use and installation of a child restraint device
  • Proper use of a safety belts.

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Reference: Florida Statute(F.S) 316.613(1)a. - child restraint requirements


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